Criminal Law & Justice Weekly 2011/48

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  • Comment. Firearms: Missing the Target- John Cooper QC asks whether there should be more control on legally-held firearms
  • Overview of the week. Judiciary; CPS; Drugs; Human Rights; Offences; Reoffending
  • Offences. Deferred Prosecution Agreements. Should corporate justice be served or procured? Tim Harris writes
  • Professional. An Independent Judiciary? Glenna Robson considers whether successive governments through excessive Parliamentary legislation, are lessening judicial independence
  • Sentencing. Prisoners and the Right to Family Life. Matt Evans looks at how art.8 has been interpreted as regards prisoners and the maintenance of family life
  • Scuttlebutt. Felicity Gerry on juries and Judges
  • CL&J Reporter. Cases covered: Trial; Sentencing
  • Weekly Laq Digest
  • New Regulations